Dirty Fun Training

Fleet Feet Sports wants to help you get dirty! Learn the ins and outs, ups and downs of trail running and and get to know the cool and unique community that is trail. This 9 week training program will get you ready for the Blood Sweat and Beers Trail Run on July 27, 2014 and the Run on the Sly on August 17, 2014. These events will sell out so sign up today! 

  • Newly added! 
    • 11-13 Minute Per Mile Training Group! For the safety of all involved, this group is designed for people who can maintain a 13 minute per mile pace or faster (on road) for 5+ miles - no exceptions. See "Suggested Activity Level" below for additional details.
Dirty Fun Trail Training

- Kick-off and Information Event Wednesday, June 11th at 7 pm at Fleet Feet Sports - 2311 J Street
- First group workout: Sunday, June 15th at 7:30 am
- Weeknight workouts - Wednesday at 6:30pm
- Weekend workouts - Sunday at 7:30am
- Consider Boot Camp as a cross training activity on Tuesdays and Thursdays
- Registration: $135  Registration on opens on Monday April 21st

Workout Locations

Group workouts are every Wednesday at 6:30 pm and every Sunday at 7:30 am.  Wednesday workouts will be held on the trails behind Cavitt Jr High School in Granite Bay, as well as some in the Auburn Hills.  Weekend workouts will be held in the Auburn foothills (and one workout at Sly Park off Hwy 50) and will be a 45 - 60 minute drive from downtown. You will learn a variety of trails that you can return to and enjoy for years to come.


- $20 Fleet Feet Sports Gift Card (You will receive this at the Kick-off)
- Daily Training Schedules
- Twice a week group training sessions
- Experienced Coaches to Support You Along the Way
- The North Face Technical training shirt
- Energy Replacement Drinks and Water at all Workouts
- Weekly Training Newsletter
- Education on Proper Trail Running Technique, Fueling, Stretching, and More
- Workouts at some of the area's best trails
- Pro-rated registration fee if transferring to CIM
- Learn Safety in the Wild

Required Activity Level Before Start of Training

Because of the "wild" nature of this training, there are a few prerequisites for joining the program:
- Currently running 4 - 5 days/wk. and a minimum of 50 - 60 minutes per run
- Injury free and able to run continuously for 6 miles on trail (first long workout)
- Not afraid of dirt, enjoy beautiful scenery and love a challenge!
- Practical application and understanding of fueling, hydration, and stretching
- 11 Minute Per Mile and Faster Training Group - This group is for you if you can keep a pace of 11 minutes per mile or faster (on road) for 5+ miles.  The longest workout for this group will be roughly 14 miles and will train you for the 10.5 mile race at Blood Sweat & Beers and the 13.1 mile race at Run on the Sly.
- 11-13 Minute Per Mile Training Group - This group is for you if you can keep a pace between 11 - 13 minutes per mile (on road) for 5+ miles.  The longest workout for this group will be roughly 7 - 8 miles and will train you for the 5.9 mile race at Blood Sweat & Beers and the 7.5 mile race at Run on the Sly.  For the safety of everyone on the trails, this group of trainees cannot go further than the listed mileage during group workouts and must be committed to working hard and keeping up their pace throughout the workout.  Unfortunately, this program is not for hikers and walkers.


Tim Twietmeyer: 5-time Western States 100 Champion (That's 100-miles folks!) and has completed over 100 ultra marathons & 60 marathons.
Mo Bartley: 5-time Western States 100 Finisher and represented the US Women's Team in the World 100 km Championship.
Mark Quillici: avid trail runner with experience in many local trail events.

Registration Details

$135.00 Per Person
No refunds after the kick-off and no exchanges or transfers at any time.

Kick-Off and Information Night

A kick-off night will be held Wednesday at 7 pm at Fleet Feet Sports. Date: TBD

QUESTIONS? If you have specific questions, please email training@fleetfeetsacramento.com