No Boundaries

Have the Courage to Start & the Dedication to Finish!

Fleet Feet Sports Sacramento is driven by the mission to get the community of Sacramento healthy, fit and active. In addition to our beginner's fitness programs open to the public, we work with Sacramento companies to provide on-site beginner's fitness training through our No Boundaries program. Sponsored by New Balance, No Boundaries is designed for minimally active or inactive people who are looking for a supportive and non-competitive environment in which to learn to love walking, walk/running and running.  Our coaches and mentors build you up, motivate you and teach you proper form, stretching, nutrition and more - all while getting you out and moving toward your first 5k. Check out what our Trainees have to say about No Boundaries.

No Boundaries is an 8 - 10 week training program and always welcomes beginner walkers, walk/runners and runners. Fleet Feet Sports works with area wellness providers to develop the No Boundaries program that best fits the needs of their employees. No Boundaries is currently offered at Vision Services Providers (VSP) and the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD). 

Fleet Feet Sports is proud to also offer beginner's fitness programs open to the public. Check out:

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